Physical Energy

February 15, 2019

I stand alone in the early morning darkness, enveloped by the chill of a light breeze blowing in from the South East. A sweeping vista of shimmering lights lies like an intricately woven carpet below me. Flashes of blue, red and green slip in-between the spread of the sodium yellow pile. As the sky begins to lighten, silhouetted trees on either side of me are revealed, their long spindly branches reaching out, grabbing at the silken air.


Physical Energy, mounted on his steely horse, shields his eyes from the new days rays just beginning to probe the landscape. From Table Bay on the left to False Bay on the right, he is steadfast in his vigilance over the millions of people below. He guards their whispered secrets and raucous celebrations. They are a synergy of writhing muscle and the nostrils of his horse flare as they step up to face another day.



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